About Us

ERN Payment Processing is Israel's leading and largest company for clearing payments made by check. ERN services some 15,000 merchants and allows the merchant to receive real-time electronic guarantees of check payments by customers without a risk of the check not being honored. In 2016, ERN guaranteed more than NIS 5 billion of check payments.

According to Bank of Israel data, the amount of check-usage in Israel has increased each year. The end customer's ability to make payments by check to merchants creates a quasi-framework for non-bank credits, which provides the customer with an extra credit line, in addition to credit limits assigned by Israeli banks and credit card companies.

Enabling a customer to pay by check also benefits merchants in numerous ways, including increasing sales turnover, increasing the customer base, and expanding sales to current customers.

ERN Payment Processing

ERN is the largest company in Israel to guarantee payments by check. ERN was established in 2001 out of a growing need – to find a solution to the problem of bounced checks in Israel. ERN is owned by the Natanzon Family of the United States, and until 2012 was jointly-owned with Cal.

Since January 2017, the Natanzon Family has jointly owned the company with Menora Mivtachim Holdings.

The company's current CEO is Shai Preminger, and the company employs approximately 180 employees. ERN systems service some 15,0000 merchants, and in 2016, ERN processed more than NIS 5 billion  of payments made by check.

Growth and Satisfaction

The marked satisfaction of ERN's customers is reflected in its double-digit growth every year. The company’s customer base includes nationwide chains in sectors such as food and Furniture, electronics apparel, footwear, home design, and garages. ERN also serves thousands of private and small merchants from all sectors throughout the country.




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